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Do you think data silos, outdated sales tools, and a lack of real-time market insights are holding back your company’s growth?

We at Combify are addressing this challenge with a new API solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing sales and marketing tools. It helps you personalise your outreach, anticipate market shifts, and gain a competitive edge with real-time updates on the Swedish construction market.

Empower your Sales and Marketing Teams

Imagine having a direct line to the most current building permit data in Sweden, seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and updated with 350 new projects every day. Combify API makes this a reality, giving your sales and marketing teams a powerful tool to:

  • Identify High-Value Leads: Quickly pinpoint upcoming construction projects, from single-family homes to large-scale commercial and industrial developments.
  • Refine Targeting: Segment your audience based on project type, location, size, and more, ensuring your marketing efforts reach the right people.
  • Personalise Outreach: Tailor your sales pitches and marketing messages to the specific needs of each project, increasing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Track Market Trends: Stay informed about construction activity in your target areas, allowing you to anticipate demand and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Key Features and Benefits for the Construction Industry

  • Comprehensive Data: Access detailed information on building permits, including project types, locations, contact information, and more.
  • Weekly Updates: Combify data is refreshed weekly, ensuring you always have the most accurate information available.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate Combify API with your existing CRM, marketing automation platform, or other business systems.
  • Map Visualisation: Visualize project locations on any map service for better planning and targeting.
  • Customisable Data Sets: Choose the specific data you need, tailoring the API to your unique requirements.
Visualize project locations on any map service for better planning and targeting

Available Fall 2024, the data includes

  • Property name
  • Municipality
  • Coordinates (longitude, latitude)
  • Case number
  • Project description
  • Building permit type
  • Category
  • Procedure (new building, remodelling, and more)
  • Number of planned units
  • Project budget forecast
  • Building area
  • Gross floor area (BTA)
  • Owner, developer, inspector, and applicant contact information (for new construction)
Access detailed information on building permits

The Future of Construction Sales and Marketing

Combify API isn’t just another data tool; it’s your strategic advantage in the competitive construction landscape. By harnessing the power of up-to-date building permit data, you gain actionable insights that inform your sales and marketing strategies, streamline your processes, saving time and resources, and drive more revenue through targeted outreach.

Don’t get left behind. Embrace the future of construction sales and marketing with Combify API. Contact us today to learn more about how this innovative tool can transform your business.

Streamline your processes, saving time and resources with Combify Building Permits API

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